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France: When do I need an emission sticker for my roadsurfer?

France has launched an environmental badge, the so-called “Crit’Air Vignette”, which is mandatory also for foreign vehicles in some cities. The aim is to reduce emissions such as fine dust and nitrogen oxides in the air in the long term. Thus, if you plan to drive through France with your roadsurfer, please consider the following:

There are 2 types of environmental zones in France:

  • The so-called “ZPA” (“zones à protection de l’air”) are temporary zones in which driving bans are imposed for short periods in inner cities and areas of high population density for acute pollution situations.
  • The ZFE (“zones à faibles émissions”) are fixed environmental zones with traffic restrictions. In order to enter these zones, your vehicle needs the “Crit’Air” vignette. The vignette is currently mandatory in Paris, Grenoble (also for the motorway), Lille, Lyon (except A6, A7, A42), Annecy and Strasbourg.

If you have booked your roadsurfer campervan at one of our locations in France, there is nothing more for you to do: all roadsurfer campervans at the French locations already have their vignette!

If you have booked at a location outside of France, you are responsible for the registration yourself. It's easy to do online: get in touch with us via the contact section about 5-7 days before departure. We will then send you the specific vehicle data you need to register your van on the official website of the French Ministry of the Environment , and you can apply for the vignette for your roadsurfer for 4.21 euros handling fee! The vignette will be sent to the address on your registration document, i.e. our roadsurfer headoffice. After 48 – 72h you will receive an order confirmation to your private e-mail address with which you have applied for the registration – which is sufficient as official proof of registration in case of a possible check!

If you have any further questions, you can find all information at – or of course we are here for you! And then – c’est parti for carefree holidays in la belle France !

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