Fresh water and waste water - Couple Cottage (Knaus Boxlife 600)

Fresh water
The fresh water must be filled up by yourself. The fresh water tank (100 L) is located on the right side of the vehicle and serves the sink, wet cell and indoor/outdoor shower. The fresh water tank can be filled using a jerry can with an attachment or a garden hose. Please make sure that the fresh water and waste water tanks are closed! They might still be open from the previous rental.
At the end of the trip, the fresh water tank must be emptied again. To empty or close the fresh water tank, remove the bottom of the cabinet below the refrigerator and turn the red lever. To empty the tank, turn it in the direction of travel.
Caution: Fresh water is not drinking water
Waste water
The waste water tank (90 L) is located under the camper on the left side of the vehicle. To empty it, turn the grey lever downwards.
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