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Customer account - edit driver´s information

You can log in to your personal customer account here. There you can view details of your booking as well as directly adjust some of the information.

To edit your driver's data, select "Edit driver" in the navigation on the left.

This will bring you to an overview of all the driver's information. If you want to add another driver, you can do so here. Please, keep in mind that you might have to adjust the Carefree-Package. You can also switch the main driver and the second driver by simply clicking "Switch main driver" on the right hand side:


The next screen will show you all the fields you need to fill out to complete the driver's information:


Once you are done, click on "Apply changes" to save the information. Should you have changed the main driver, you will from now on, need hers/his date of birth to access the customer account.

Please note!

If you have changed the main driver, a new access link will be generated and sent to the new main driver. 

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