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What information is necessary for booking ferries?

When booking a ferry, for example to Sardinia, Corsica or Norway, please always state the vehicle lengths listed below! In some cases, the bike rack might still be mounted on your van, even though it has not explicitly been booked. As we want to guarantee a quick and smooth pick-up process it is common that the bike rack will remain on the van. This is because the mounting and dismounting is quite time-consuming and laborious.

Overview of the vehicle lengths to be specified when booking a ferry:

Surfer Suite: up to 6m
Beach Hostel: up to 6m
Travel Home: up to 6m
Camper Cabin: up to 6m
Camper Cabin Deluxe: up to 6m
Road House: up to 6m
Couple Cottage: up to 6,7m
Family Finca: up to 6,7m
Camper Castle: up to 7,7m
Cozy Cottage: up to 7,7m
Van Villa: up to 6,65m 
Couple Condo: up to 7m
Road House XL: up to 7m

If asked for the license plate, please enter “rental car” – even if we do know your van’s plate number already, it could always be switched last-minute and would only cause you unnecessary trouble. All ferry providers know and accept this procedure!

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