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Can I attach a child seat in my Roadsurfer?

Unlike in Europe there is no ISOFIX system in the USA.We recommend the Road House XL for families travelling with small children.

The Couple Condo does not have regular seat belts on the back, only waist seat belts.

  • The only way to secure the child seat is to do it with the regular safety belt
  • One children' seat fits without a problem. If you are planning to bring two, keep in mind that the outer one might not be completely secured
  • Do not put a forward-facing child seat in the front, unless there is no other choice. If you must do so, make sure the car seat is as far back as possible, the child seat is securely fitted and the child is securely held by the seat belt or child seat harness, keeping the child as far as possible from the dashboard

If you are travelling to Europe, check this article.

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