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Fresh water and waste water - Surfer Suite (VW T6.1 California Ocean)

The Surfer Suite has a water system that provides running water to the outdoor shower and the kitchen sink.

Fresh water

Fill the water tank (30L) from the outside with the help of a garden hose or the water container with nozzle provided. Use the middle sized key to open the tank lid. The opening is next to the power connection, on the driver´s side at the back of the car, marked with the words "Water".


Make sure the water tank drain is closed as it might have been left open from the previous rental.

You can check the water level on the camping display above the rear view mirror. The tank pictured in the back is the fresh water tank. When the symbol is full, it means that the fresh water tank is full.

To empty the fresh water tank, open the cupboard on the back, where the gas bottle and the shower head are stored. Lift the container of the shower. On the corner of the tank, you will see a red lever. Turn it to let the water out.


Attention: the fresh water is not drinking water.

Waste water

The camping unit will show you when the waste water tank is full. The tank symbol will appear filled and yellow, marked with a warning sign.

To open and empty the waste water tank, open the left kitchen cupboard and, on the the back corner, you will find the lever to empty the gray water tank (30L). The water will fall under the car, in front of the left rear wheel.


You can watch the video here:



Water coming out under the car

If there is water running under the car, check that all the tank levers are closed. The lever to empty the waste water tank is placed inside the left kitchen cabinet; the one for the fresh water is next to the gas bottle. See the instructions at the top of this article for pictures.

Water dripping from the shower outlet

If there is water dripping from the shower outlet after removing the shower, it might be that the water pump is not switched off. Flip the switch to stop the water from flowing. If despite this, there is still water coming, it might be release valve is stuck. Using a key for help, push the valve (where the shower connects to the car) slightly until it is released.


No water running

If there is no water coming out the shower or the kitchen in the Surfer Suite, check if the water tank is full.

If there is water, but the pump does not make any sounds, it is likely that it went into "emergency mode". If that is the case, there will be a message on the camper unit display. You can erase the message from the screen pressing the black button for a couple of seconds. This happens when the water pump runs with no water in the tank.

If there is still no water flowing, try the following:

  1. Check the FI-fuse inside the closet. It should be upwards, with the red marks visible.
  2. Activate the shower and the faucet in the kitchen at the same time. This way, the air trapped in the pipes will be released.
  3. The tank is inside the closet nearest to the kitchen. Remove the white plastic cover to access the tank. If the lid is too tight, try to let some water out of the tank and some air in through the filler opening of the water tank.

  4. You will see the sensor on top, which may be disconnected. If so, please reconnect it.
  5. Check that the pump is under water and all tubes are connected. If a tube is loose, try to plug it back to the connection. The connection is on the right hand side of the inside of the water tank (towards the kitchen).
  6. Once you have done that, put everything back together the way it was.

The water pump should be working now.

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