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How do I return my campervan?

To ensure that everything goes smoothly when you return your vehicle, please note the following:

  • You return your car at the same station where you picked it up. Please be there on time at your return time. You can check both at any time in your customer account.
  • Please return the interior of your camper as clean as you found it. You will find the return checklist at the end of this article and possibly in your camper, on which we have summarized all the necessary steps for a quick and smooth return.
  • Additional cleaning charges may apply if a heavily soiled interior is returned and/or prohibitions are disregarded (smoking in the vehicle and unauthorised bringing of animals without a corresponding booking). You can find detailed information on this in the PDF at the end of this article.
  • If you are on your way back and are looking for a quick disposal station to dispose of waste water and empty the toilet, check here.

    Please note that we will have to charge you a $250 cleaning fee if you do not return the toilet emptied and cleaned!

  • A visit to the car wash is not necessary and could possibly damage the pop-up roof or foiling.
  • Please fill up the fuel tank (and DEF = Diesel Exhaust Fluid, if applicable) shortly before you drop off the car. You can usually find a gas station near our locations. If you do not return your fuel tank full, we unfortunately have to charge you a service fee. You can find more information about this in our terms and conditions.
  • Make sure to return your roadsurfer with a filled up propane gas tank. Otherwise we have to charge you a fee to refill it. You can find the nearest location to fill up gas here. Some RV parks and Campgrounds may also provide this service. 

When you return the vehicle, you simply hand the key back to one of our employees, who will briefly check the vehicle for damage and completeness of the equipment. After a few minutes waiting time everything is done for you.

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