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Security Deposit? Why?

Well, we are afraid there is no way around it, as accidents can unfortunately always happen. A security deposit in the amount of 850USD will have to be provided either by debit or credit card (VISA or Mastercard). The amount will only be blocked for 30 days and will be released automatically if everything is in order. Keep in mind that some banks don´t reflect the release as a return in "+850USD", but delete the "-850USD" from your online banking automatically.

Simply track the status of your deposit in your customer account.

Please note the following:

  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay the deposit in cash, by bank transfer in advance or by Paypal or American Express.
  • Please check whether you know your PIN and whether the limit on your card is sufficient, as the deposit must be paid in one payment.
  • Your co-driver can also pay the deposit - it does not have to be your name on the card.

Deposit always in local currency

The currency and amount of the deposit depends on the local currency of the station where you pick up your roadsurfer:


(American $)




(Canadian $)

Norway (NOK)

800€ $850 850CHF £650 8300SEK $1200 10.000NOK
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