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Power and light in the camper- Couple Cottage (Knaus Boxlife 600)

The lights in the Couple Cottage (Knaus Boxlife 600) only work when the camping battery is charged or when an external power supply is connected.
You can switch on the lights on the on-board computer above the sliding door:


The light switches for the interior are located above the kitchenette, below the wall cupboards by the bed in the rear and below the wall cupboards by the rear bench seat.

There are numerous power sockets and USB ports throughout the vehicle:

  • 230V sockets can be found under the rear bench seat on the left and above the kitchen.
  • USB ports and 12V sockets are in the cockpit (USB Type-C and B), on the touch reading lamps by the bed and the 12V socket above the kitchen also works without an external power connection.


Please note the following:

  • Do not charge any device in the driver's cab via USB when stationary. The starter battery will discharge and the engine might not start anymore!
  • The 230V sockets only work with an external power connection.
  • The USB ports and 12V sockets also work without an external power connection. But the camping battery must be charged.


If the power or light does not work, you can test several things:

  • Check the charge level of the camping battery on the board unit.
  • Check whether the light is switched on at the board unit.
  • With an external power source: Check whether the cable or the campsite socket is defective. Your friendly camping neighbour will probably help you out with the working cable and socket. 🥰
  • Check in the cupboard under the bench seat whether the RCD switches in the fuse box are pointing upwards.
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