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Shower and hot water - Camper Castle (Knaus Sky Wave)

Here's everything you need to do for a warm shower in your Camper Castle:

  • Activate the water pump.
  • For hot water, the water heater must be switched on. For this we need gas.
  • Open the gas bottle.
  • Then additionally turn on the safety lever for hot water (boiler symbol). The lever is located behind a door in the kitchen unit, next to the sink.
  • Check via the on-board display whether you have enough fresh water in the water tank. For an extensive shower, we recommend a fill level of 50%:
  • The boiler must be filled with water. To do this, run the water briefly and turn the tap to hot.
  • Then go to the Truma display above the sliding door and follow these steps:
  1. To activate the screen, press the black button briefly. 
  2. Turn the black button clockwise until you see the symbol with a thermometer under water blinking:
  3. Click on the black button to confirm.
  4. The text "OFF" will appear. Turn the wheel clockwise to select select the mode: ECO (40℃), HOT (60℃) or BOOST. 
  5. Once you find the desired mode, press the button to select.
  6. The main menu will appear again and the boiler should be working.
  7. Wait about 20 minutes until the water in the boiler is hot.

It takes about 20 minutes for the water to heat up.

To prepare the shower, push the tap on the washbasin to the side. Release the safety lever that holds the washbasin and mirror in place and push the whole unit towards the toilet. Secure the wall with the magnetic panels so you have more space to shower.



Watch it in the video:


If there is a fault or the water does not get warm, try the following:

  • Check that gas is generally flowing.
  • Make sure that the stopcock for the boiler (see above) is open.
  • If you have forgotten to open the gas bottle or the stopcock before switching on the on-board display, this fault must be cleared on the Truma control unit:

Common errors on the Truma display:

E517H // E507H // E516H: The error code appears when the gas supply is interrupted. Shut off the system, switch on the gas, press the black knob to confirm the error has been acknowledged. You might have to reset the unit and start the process again. You can do a reset by selecting the symbol with the wrench (tool). The words "RESET" will appear on the screen. Press the button to confirm. This process might have to be repeated a couple of times.

W412H: The error appears when a window is open. This activates the safety pin to avoid exhaust gases from the heating coming inside the vehicle. To have the gas flowing again, close the window, erase the error on the unit by pressing the black knob and start the process again. You might have to repeat the reset process a couple of times until the message disappears.


To do this, go to the Truma Unit:

  • Turn the black button until the words "RESET" will appear on the screen. 
  • Press the button to confirm. 
  • The words "PR RESET" will appear
  • Press the button to confirm. 
  • The reset will initiate. It can take a few minutes to complete

This process might have to be repeated a couple of times for a full reset. Once completed, the warning sign/error code will disappear and the heating should work again.

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