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Gas / cooking - Camper Castle (Knaus Sky Wave)

Here you can find out how to cook in the Camper Castle:

  1. Open the gas bottle (11kg) in the right-hand outside compartment next to the garage. Turn the brass-coloured control knob on the gas bottle to + to turn it on:
  2. Then also turn on the safety lever for the kitchen (pot symbol). This is located under the sink:
  3. To ignite the gas cooker, turn the gas knob up and push it down at the same time, while simultaneously igniting it with the help of the small, black toggle switch.


After cooking and especially when driving, be sure to close the stopcocks and the gas bottle!

Please also note that, for safety reasons, the gas compartment must not be used as a storage space.

Click here to go directly to the explanatory video:


Should the gas not flow when you turn on the stove, try the following:

  • Open the gas bottle completely
  • Make sure the grey safety lever in the kitchen is open
  • Check that the crash sensor is not activated. You will find a black box next to the gas bottle with a yellow pin in it. If the pin is out, it means that the sensor is activated. Press it back in and hold it pressed for a couple of seconds until it stays in

    crash sensor.jpg
  • Press the air release valve next to the gas bottle valve, right at the tube. If there is air obstructing the pipes, there won´t be enough gas flowing to cook. Press the valve a couple of times to make sure there is no air trapped.
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