Toilet - Camper Castle (Knaus Sky Wave)

  1. To use: Inside the wet room, close the white slider on the left of the toilet bowl to cut the connection to the tank.
  2. Use the blue button to flush.
  3. When all three dots start to light up, it is time to empty the toilet tank.
  4. Unlock the outside compartment on the left side of the vehicle and press the button at the same time to open the flap.
  5. Push the green lever up and pull out the toilet cassette.
  6. Then pull out the handrail by the handle and go to the emptying station.
  7. At emptying station: Pull away the grey plate above the tank and open the shutter with the green round knob.
  8. Turn the emptying pipe in the appropriate direction, unscrew the green cap and press the other green button to vent the tank.
    green knob to guarantee venting (quick drainage).
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