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Heating - Road House (Bürstner Eliseo/Campeo)

The heating in the Road House works with gas. To use it:

  1. Open the gas bottle. The bottles are located on the right side of the luggage compartment behind a cover.
  2. Then additionally turn on the safety lever for hot water (water tap + heating symbol). This is located behind the cover next to the rear seat:
  3. Then go to the Truma display above the sliding door and follow these steps:
  1. To activate the screen, press the black button briefly. The symbol with a camper and a thermometer will blink.
  2. Click on the black button to confirm.
  3. The text "OFF" will appear. Turn the wheel clockwise to select the temperature.
  4. Once you find the desired temperature, press the button to select.
  5. The main menu will appear again.
  6. On the main menu, turn the button to the fan symbol
  7. Press the button again and select the mode: ECO, HIGH or BOOST 
  8. Once you have selected the mode, the main menu will appear. Heating should be working now.
  9. Make sure not to cover the outlets!

Note: Do not block the ventilation outlets!
The window at the dinette next to the rear seat must be closed for the heating to work. Outside under the window is the outlet for the exhaust gas. This prevents it from entering the vehicle.

Click here to go directly to the explanatory video:


If the heating system does not work, check the Truma unit. If there is a problem with the heating system, an error message may appear. These are the most common ones:

Common errors on the Truma display:

E517H // E507H // E516H: The error code appears when the gas supply is interrupted. Shut off the system, switch on the gas, press the black knob to confirm the error has been acknowledged. You might have to reset the unit and start the process again. You can do a reset by selecting the symbol with the wrench (tool). The words "RESET" will appear on the screen. Press the button to confirm. This process might have to be repeated a couple of times.

W412H: The error appears when a window is open. This activates the safety pin to avoid exhaust gases from the heating coming inside the vehicle. To have the gas flowing again, close the window, erase the error on the unit by pressing the black knob and start the process again. You might have to repeat the reset process a couple of times until the message disappears.


When the errors appear, the issue must be corrected (if no gas, open the gas bottle) and the error erased.

To do this, go to the Truma Unit:

  • Turn the black button until the words "RESET" will appear on the screen. 
  • Press the button to confirm. 
  • The words "PR RESET" will appear
  • Press the button to confirm. 
  • The reset will initiate. It can take a few minutes to complete

This process might have to be repeated a couple of times for a full reset. Once completed, the warning sign/error code will disappear and the heating should work again.

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