Front seat swivel / Entry aid - Road House (Bürstner)

To turn the front seats, follow these steps:

  1. Move the seat all the way forward, adjust the backrest vertically and fold the armrest(s) upwards. Important: Open the corresponding side door!
  2. With the door open, operate the black lever underneath the driver's seat and turn the seat into the vehicle. Be sure to release the handbrake when turning the driver's seat. The lever on the passenger seat is on the left.

Note: When turning the seats back, also make sure that the seat does not scrape against the vehicle wall and damage it in the process!

On minute 2:30 of this video, you can see a visual explanation:

To pull the entry step in an out pres the button on the right behind the passenger seat on the B-pillar.


Please remember to retract the entry aid before driving off.



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