Open and close the roof manually - Road House (Bürstner)

Opening the roof
Loosen the tensioning straps on the left and right sides to unlock the roof. Then manually push the roof slowly (centre the lever and then turn it up). If necessary, climb onto the rear seat bench. The ladder is laying on the roof bed and must be put together (two safety catches).

Closing the roof
To retract the roof, pull the tab at the top centre and stow the ladder back on the bed. Just before closing the roof, be sure to check the bellows, also from the outside, and tighten the fabric on the inside if necessary! Then fasten the tensioning straps again on the left and right.


  • When retracting and extending the roof, always open a window or door to equalise the pressure!
  • When retracting the roof, always check that the two ladder sections are centred.
  • When retracting the roof, always check that nothing is lying on the mattress, the roof bed is down, the zips on the roof windows are closed and the fabric bellows are not jammed in the flaps or protruding out of the side of the vehicle.
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