Hot water - Road House (Westfalia)

  1. Switch the boiler on by using the on-board display above the sliding door.
  2. Select the appropriate setting in the parking heater menu (symbol: 3 arrows pointing up - far right, last position). Note: The boiler must be filled with water. To do this, run the water briefly and turn the tap to hot and then wait approx. 20 minutes before using it.


  • If no water flows, switch the black toggle under the driver's seat on and check the position of the two levers under the rear seat. To close them switch them down.
  • The water temperature can be regulated in an emergency. The boiler is located under the rear seat (rotary knob with +/-).
  • Remember: The diesel tank must be more than 1/4 full, as the boiler consumes fuel.
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