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Fresh water and waste water - Road House (Bürstner Eliseo/Campeo)

Fresh water

For hygienic reasons, the fresh water tank is always handed over empty. The fresh water tank (100 L) is located on the passenger side and serves the washbasin, toilet and indoor/outdoor shower. To open it, you need the medium-sized key. Insert the key into the tank lock and turn it to open. Press the tank cap while turning it to release it:

The fresh water tank can be filled using a canister with an attachment or a hose. Please make sure that the fresh water and waste water tanks are closed. They may still be open from the previous rental.

To empty/open or close the fresh water tank, turn the black knob on top of the tank. To do this, lift the mattress at the head end and open the lid:

Caution: Fresh water is not drinking water

Waste water

The waste water tank (90L) is located under the camper on the driver's side. To open the grey water tank, take the grey crank from the cupboard under the table.
Put it on the metal pin under the car, which is located directly under the toilet cassette:


You can see the levels of the fresh and waste water tanks in the on-board unit:

Click here to go directly to the explanatory video:


Water leaking under the vehicle

If water is leaking from under the vehicle, this may be due to various causes:

  • Check that the levers of both tanks are closed.
  • The cold protection valve may be open. The cold protection valve automatically drains the boiler if there is a risk of frost. If the temperature in the van drops below approx. 7°C, the valve opens automatically. This prevents the drain from freezing. It is located behind the flap on the side under the rear seats:

No water flows

If you turn on the tap but no water flows, this can have several reasons:

  • First check the fill level on the on-board unit to see whether the fresh water tank is sufficiently full.
  • The fuse of the water pump or the tank sensors may be damaged.

Before any fuse is pulled, following safety measures is required:

  1. Turn off the engine and remove the key from the contact.
  2. Unplug the car from any external power supply.
  3. Pull carefully from the fuse by pulling from the sides.
  4. A damaged fuse can be burnt or have the connector broken (see picture). If so, please replace You can find them at petrol stations and hardware stores. 

The fuses are located under the driver's seat, behind a plastic cover.
The fuse you are looking for is a 5A fuse and is the first from the right. Underneath it is marked PUMP. Check and replace if necessary:

Fuses road house.jpg



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