Opening and closing the manual roof - Travel Home (Mercedes Marco Polo)

Opening the roof

  1. Open a window or door
  2. Open the locks
  3. Push the pop-up roof upwards with both hands
  4. Make sure there is nothing in the way of the roof that could prevent it from opening.

Closing the roof

  1. Open a window or door
  2. Make sure there are no branches or objects against the roof or on the bed
  3. Pull the bed frame down and align the mattress
  4. To close, stand upright, look towards the rear and see the word "Push" on the left side of the canvas
  5. Press the pneumatic lifts so that they move into place with the help of the loop while you pull the roof down at the same time
  6. On the driver's and passenger's side, hook the lever into place to secure


  • When retracting and extending the high roof, always open the window or door to equalise the pressure!
  • When retracting the roof, always check that nothing is lying on the mattress, the roof bed is down and the zips of the roof windows are closed.
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