Open and close the automatic roof - Travel Home (Mercedes Marco Polo)

Some Travel Home models have electrical pop up roofs. To open those, you have to use the camping display. Some models have it on the Multimedia system, some have it next to the drink holder.

Both work in a similar way:

  1. Open a door or window
  2. Turn on the ignition
  3. Turn on the camping unit
  4. Select "roof" pressing on the icon
  5. Press open until it is completely open. On the touch panel you just have to press once. The other unit requires you press until the roof is completely open.

Here is a video for each of the Displays:

Mercesdes Camper Unit (in German)

Mercedes Advanced Control (minute 7:15):

Please note the following:
When retracting or extending the roof, always open the window or door to equalize the pressure!
Please always check that there is nothing lying on the mattress, the roof bed is down, and the skylight zippers are closed when retracting the roof.

Insider tip:
If your electric roof does not close or is making a beeping sound, use the on-board diplay to set the roof to "closed". Make sure you position your camper straight, not slanted. Raise the roof 20cm and press again on "close" (if necessary several times until you see "closed"). Please note that the outside temperature may have an influence so wait until it cools down outside.

Alternative: roof reset function
Set "open/close roof" in the on-board display. You will find a button on the waste water lever in the kitchen block. Press it for 5 seconds until you hear a beep. Go to "Roof" in the on-board display. Now use the arrow keys to move the left and right sides of the roof down, alternating until you see "closed".

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