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Where do I find everything in the vehicle? - Travel Home (Mercedes Marco Polo)

Here you will find a short description of the standard equipment of the vehicle and where to find it:

  • First aid kit and warning triangle
    You can find both in the passenger door or the drawer of the back seat.
  • Vehicle documents and logbook
    You will find the registration certificate, green insurance card and the log book in the glove compartment. The log book contains important and helpful information about your vehicle.
  • Canister and nozzle
    In the drawer under the seat, you will find a canister with a nozzle to fill the fresh water tank (not the diesel tank!).

  • Camping chairs and table
    The chairs and the table are in the trunk under the support surface.
  • High visibility vests
    Four high visibility vests are stored in the rear seat pocket or the drawer under the seat.
  • Blackout Blinds
    You can darken every window on the bus with roller blinds or pull tabs. The front side windows and the windshield are darkened with a large cloth.
  • Kitchen box
    In the interior of the vehicle. You can find a description of the contents here.
  • Drive-up wedges, awning crank, power cable and hand brush
    To be found in the drawer under the rear seat bench

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