Folding the back seat - Travel Home (Mercedes Marco Polo)

Folding the rear seat bench

  1. While sitting, pull up the lever at the bottom right of the bench to slide the bench almost all the way forward
  2. Remove the headrests and store them in the holder behind the seats
  3. Then open the narrow part of the support surface in the trunk (approx. 20x115cm)
  4. Press the two lower black buttons on the inside of both seats until the bed surface is completely extended
  5. Tilt back part of the support surface to close the gap to the rear seat bench
    Spread out the sleeping surface

Straighten the rear seat

Press the two upper black buttons on both seats until the full seating position is reached.
Then push the rear seat back again using the lever.

Tip: If the bench is not straight, you can sit on the backseat, open the drawer and look for a black button on the left end. This will return the bench to the factory setting.

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