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The pop-up roof - Surfer Suite (VW T6.1 California Ocean)

The roof of the Surfer Suite opens automatically at the touch of a button on the onboard display.

To open the roof

  1. Turn on the ignition
  2. Turn on the onboard display
  3. Open the windows or a door to reduce the pressure
  4. Select "pop-up roof"
  5. Make sure that there is nothing on top of the roof that could impede it from opening.
  6. Select open on the roof menu and press the black button for several seconds until the roof is completely open (the opening motor will be silent then)

To close the roof, follow the same steps.

Please note the following:

  • Never drive with an open roof!
  • When retracting and extending the pop-up roof, always open the window or door to equalize the pressure!
  • When retracting the roof, always check that nothing is lying on the mattress, the roof bed is down and zippers of the skylights are closed and the fabric bellows are not jammed in the flaps or protruding out of the side of the vehicle.

To lift the bed

Once you have opened your pop-up roof, you can lift your bed up to have some more head space. Simply push the bed upwards. To close it, pull down towards you paying attention not to hit your head!

See the video here:


  • If it is only closing on one side and the other one is still fully open:
    1. Open the windows or a door to lower the pressure
    2. Press the button on the display to lift the roof all the way up
    3. Then, close the roof as described above until you hear a loud sound (this is air coming out of the hydraulics).
    4. Repeat the closing and opening attempts a couple of times until the roof closes completely
  • If the roof is not moving at all, follow these steps:  
    1. Unplug the car from any electricity source
    2. Lock the car with the keys
    3. Walk away from the car for about 10-15 minutes to let the car completely shut down
    4. Come back to the car and try again
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