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Folding the back seat - Surfer Suite (VW T6.1 California Ocean)

Here is how you can fold you backseat into a bed on your Surfer Suite:

Folding the rear seat bench

  1. Sit on the bench facing the front and pull the lever on the right. 
  2. Then push the bench all the way forward.
  3. Fold the headrests backwards using the buttons.
  4. Pull up the loop between the seat and backrest, and fold down the back bench to the rear.
  5. Pull the mattress from the back to the front, over the bench, and you're done!

Straightening the bench

  1. Fold in the mattress back
  2. Kneel on the seat, pull the loop and pull up the back seat with the other hand
  3. Fold up the headrests and only then push the bench back into the desired position.

See the video here:


If the back seat is not folding back to the seating position here is what to do:

  1. Sit on the center of the backseat
  2. Check that nothing is stuck impeding the back rest to come up (seat belt, equipment...)
  3. Make sure that the seat is correctly clicked on the rails
  4. Check that the strap to pull the seat is not jammed or twisted
  5. Pull with some force from the belt and move the seat back and forth with the legs until the seat comes back to upright position.
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