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Gas/ Cooking - Surfer Suite (VW T6.1 California Ocean)

To be able to cook in the Surfer Suite, you have to open the gas cylinder. The gas bottle (2.8kg) is located in the rear cabinet at the back left in the lowest compartment (lift the cover and screw on the black lid) integrated into the freshwater tank.

To cook:

  1. Open the gas bottle at the rear.

  2. Open the lever under the kitchen block in the direction of the pipe.

  4. Turn on the gas on the stove and ignite it with the black knob.

Tip for cooking: raise the pop-up roof, fold the roof bed and always open a window.

Caution: Make sure to close the gas bottle before driving

You can see a visual explanation on this video:

To use the table installed in the kitchen:

  1. Slide it pressing the white levers on the side.
  2. Pull it up to access the support leg and carefully take the leg out until you hear a "click".
  3. To adjust the length of the leg, press on the red button directly on the table´s leg and slide it all the way out.
  4. Put the table down and enjoy your meal!

To move the table back in place, reverse the steps mentioned above.

Here you have a video on how to open the table:

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