Fresh water and sewage - Surfer Suite (VW T6.1 California Ocean)

Fresh water
The fresh water has to be filled up by you. The fresh water tank (30 L) is located on the left rear side in the rear cabinet below (lift the cover) and serves the sink and the outside shower. You fill the fresh water tank using the canister with the attachment or the garden hose. Before driving, please ensure that the fresh water tank is closed as it could still be open from the previous rental!
The red drain lever is located directly above the gas bottle on the left side in the rear cupboard. At the end of the trip, the fresh water tank must be emptied again. The lever for draining the fresh water tank (red) is located in the lowest compartment below the refrigerator.
Attention: Fresh water is not drinking water

Waste water
The lever for draining the waste water tank (red) is located inside the kitchen block at the bottom left.

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