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Lights and sockets - Surfer Suite (VW T6.1 California Ocean)

The lights in the Surfer Suite work via the camping battery. It must have enough battery to operate.

You can turn on the lights through the camping unit display above the rear view mirror:


Use the black button to move to the next screen and press the icon "light". There, you can choose  "Sunrise" and "Lights in the living area". If you select Sunrise, the selected lights will turn on slowly as the sun rises outside.

To operate the lights independent from sunrise, press the "sun" symbols in the camping display to select which lights you want on. If you want to turn them all on or off, press the box at the end: "Turn lights in the living area".

There are several lights inside the Surfer Suite:

  • Passenger area: one light above the entrance of the slide door, 3 lights above kitchenette and one above the cupboards in the kitchen
  • Trunk area: there are 2 lights on the trunk door and one inside the cupboard on the back
  • Roof top: two lights inside the pop-up roof.

You can turn on the lights on the different areas of the car with the light switches and through the camping unit. You will find two switches on the kitchen area, behind the drivers' seat and one switch on each individual light.


To switch all the lights in the back at once, press the button "REAR" on the panel just above the rear view mirror:


The Surfer Suite is equipped with several plugs for your devices:

  • Two C-USB in the cockpit (don´t leave anything plugged over night, as it might drown the starter battery!)
  • Two 230V on the kitchen side along with another 2 USB. These only work when the car is plugged to external battery:
  • One 230V on the driver' seat, which works also when the car is not plugged:

Should there be no light inside the van, make sure that the FI-switch is on and you have enough battery.

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