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The pop-up roof - Camper Cabin Deluxe (Ford Nugget Plus)

The roof of the Camper Cabin Deluxe opens manually:

Open the roof

  1. Open the windows or a door to relieve the pressure.
  2. Release the locks on the left and right of the rear part of the roof on the inside, thus unlocking the roof.
  3. Push the roof up evenly.
  4. Pull the bed slightly towards you to make it completely flat.
  5. A ladder in the rear wardrobe makes it easier to climb up.

Closing the roof

  1. To close the roof, make sure that all windows in the roof are closed and that nothing is lying on the mattress.
  2. Secure the mattress with the straps provided.
  3. Release the roof bed from the brackets, place it straight on the rails and pull it firmly so that it rests completely.
  4. Then press against the red mark on the right-hand gas spring to pull the roof down.
  5. Make sure that the tent fabric does not stick out or get pinched.

Please note the following:

  • Never drive with an open roof!
  • When retracting and extending the high roof, always open a window or door to equalise the pressure!
  • When retracting the roof, always check that nothing is lying on the mattress, the roof bed is down and zips on the roof windows are closed and the fabric bellows are not caught in the flaps or sticking out of the side of the vehicle.

Click here to go directly to the explanatory video:

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