Open and close the roof - Camper Cabin Deluxe (Ford Nugget Plus)

Opening the roof
To open the roof, hang the ladder from the rear cupboard (at the back on the right in the direction of travel) on the kitchen block. Loosen the roof lock in the middle and carefully push the roof up manually. Then loosen the tension belt above the mattress.

Closing the roof
Release the roof bed from the brackets and place it straight on the rails.
Caution: Pull the roof bed towards you so that it lies straight at the bottom. Close the tensioning strap over the mattress again and press the right gas spring on the red plastic part in such a way that when the pop-up roof is pulled down at the same time with the help of the strap, both parts of the spring move into each other. Pay attention to the bellows. The fabric must retract completely. Please check from the inside and outside and retighten the fabric at all points on the inside.

Please note the following:
When retracting and extending the high roof, always open the window or door to equalize the pressure!

When retracting the roof, always check that the roof bed is down and pulled straight, that nothing is lying on the mattress, that the tensioning strap over the mattress is closed and that the zippers of the roof windows are closed.


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