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Toilet - Camper Cabin Deluxe (Ford Nugget Plus)

For toilet use, please pay attention to the following:

  1. Turn the white lever next to the toilet to open the toilet cassette before use:
  2. To flush the toilet, fill the separate tank with the funnel attached to the toilet cassette. You can see how much water is left by the transparent hose on the side.
  3. When the cassette is full, the light next to the flush button lights up.

This empties the toilet cassette (approx. every 2-5 days):

  1. Close the cassette from the inside by turning the white lever.
  2. Remove the cover
  3. Open the toilet cassette from the outside.
  4. Now you can see the toilet cassette. To remove it, push the lever on the underside of the tank upwards and pull the tank out at the same time. If the cassette does not come out easily, check that the white lever next to the toilet the toilet is fully closed.
  5. At the emptying station: Turn the grey tube 90 degrees, unscrew the lid and press the opposite button with your thumb (vent for faster emptying).
  6. Carefully tip out the toilet cassette, rinse again with water and fill in "Solbio" for the next use.

Click here to go directly to the explanatory video:

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