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Power and lighting in the bus - Camper Cabin Deluxe (Ford Nugget Plus)

The lighting in the camper cabin works via the camper battery. The battery must be sufficiently charged for operation.

There are several light switches in the Camper Cabin:

  • One switch in the kitchen block:
  • One to the left of the sliding door
  • Two lights on the roof:

There are two sockets in the vehicle for 230-volt consumers with a maximum power consumption of 2000 watts: one in the kitchen area and one next to the bench seat. USB sockets are also located next to the bench seat and in the kitchen block.

The vehicle is equipped with a 12-volt socket for 12-volt consumers with a maximum power consumption of 90 watts on the roof frame above the kitchen and another 12-volt socket on the dashboard to the left of the glove compartment. Please remember that the 12-volt socket next to the glove compartment works from the car's starter battery. Make sure you do not plug anything into the socket overnight or for an extended period of time while the car is parked.

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