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Locking the car - Camper Cabin Deluxe (Ford Nugget Plus)

You will receive two keys from roadsurfer when you pick up your camper. The big key is of course for locking and unlocking your van and the small key is for the fresh water tank:


Please note the following:

  • Always keep the keys together on your key ring.
  • Never leave the keys in the ignition lock when the vehicle is stationary. Otherwise the starter battery will be discharged!
  • Always carry the key ring with you (that's why we give you a lanyard to wear around your neck) and never leave it in the car; the car might lock automatically!

You can lock the car from the inside by pressing the lock button on the driver's door.
The child lock is located on the back edge of the rear door.


To activate it, turn the key in the child lock hole anticlockwise to turn it on and clockwise to turn it off.

You can also prevent the doors from being opened from the inside by pressing the button on the keys with two locks twice in succession

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