Where do I find essential equipment in the vehicle? - Camper Cabin (Ford Nugget)

Warning triangle, vests and first aid kit
Located in the storage compartment to the left of the sliding door, behind the umbrella holder or in the compartment under the rear seat.

All windows are equipped with blackout curtains. For the driver's area, the blackout curtains can be found in the drawer below the rear seat bench.

Vehicle documents and logbook
You will find the registration certificate and the green insurance card as well as help for all functions in the vehicle in the log book in the glove compartment.

Canister and filler neck
In the drawer under the seat you will find a canister with filler neck to fill the fresh water tank (not the diesel tank!).

Onboard display
Air heater: Diesel powered, consumption approx. 0,4l/h, autom. stop when diesel level is too low
Timer: Can be switched on via clock symbol
Battery level: Charge level of the 2nd camping battery
Refrigerator: Recommendation: Level 3. the refrigerator is operated by the 2nd camping battery
Fill level: Fresh water / waste water

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