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Fresh water and waste water - Camper Cabin (Ford Nugget)

The Camper Cabin has a water system that provides running water for the outdoor shower and kitchen sink.

Fresh water

Fill the water tank (42L) from the outside using a garden hose or the supplied water container with filler hose. Use the medium sized key to open the tank cap. The opening is located on the driver's side in the rear of the vehicle and is marked "Water".


Make sure the water tank drain is closed as it may have been left open during the last rental. The lever for draining the fresh water is located in the kitchen cupboard on the right-hand side.


You can check the water level on the camping display. On models with the camping unit on the front, press the large black button once to access the main menu. Use the wheel to move through the menu until you reach the icon with the water tank (second icon above). Press the black button again to select. Two pictures are displayed: The first, with the opening facing up, is the fresh water tank. The second, with the opening facing down, is the waste water tank. The water level is indicated by bars. When the tanks are full, they are full of bars. When the waste water tank is full, you will also see a warning sign on the on-board computer.


If necessary, switch on the water pump to draw off water. This is located behind the rear seat bench under the cooker on the vehicle wall (black toggle switch I and 0).

On the models with the camping unit on the back, you can see the water level by pressing the first button at the bottom of the screen. Two bars light up to show what percentage of the water tank is full. To switch on the water pump, press the symbol with the water tap on the screen:

Caution: Fresh water is not drinking water

Waste water

The lever for draining the waste water tank is located in the corridor at the kitchen unit below the washbasin. To open it, push it down and to close it, pull it up:


Click here to go directly to the explanatory video:



Water leaking under the vehicle

If water is leaking under the vehicle, check that all the levers of the two tanks are closed. The lever for draining the waste water tank is in the aisle by the kitchen unit, the lever for draining the fresh water is in the kitchen cupboard on the right-hand side. You can find pictures in the instructions at the beginning of this article.

Another cause of water leaking from the car may be the white lever next to the water tank lever. The white lever drains all but 10 litres from the water tank to reduce the weight for the journey. Alternatively, some of the latest models also have an additional lever on the wall of the same cabinet as the other two levers. Make sure they are all properly closed:


No water flowing

If no water comes out of the shower or kitchen in the camper cabin, check if the water tank is full and turn on the pump.

If there is still no water flowing, try the following:

  • The RCD switch. It should point upwards and the red marks should be visible. Make sure the main switch is also on.
  • Turn on the shower and the kitchen tap at the same time. This will release the air trapped in the pipes.
  • Check that the pump is under water and that all hoses are connected. The water tank is located next to the gas bottle, under the kitchen unit. To access it, open the white lid:
  • If everything seems to be in place, it may be that a fuse is damaged.

Before any fuse is pulled, following safety measures is required:

  1. Turn off the engine and remove the key from the contact.
  2. Unplug the car from any external power supply.
  3. Pull carefully from the fuse by pulling from the sides.
  4. A damaged fuse can be burnt or have the connector broken (see picture). If so, please replace You can find them at petrol stations and hardware stores. 
  • Depending on which camper unit you have, the fuses for the water pump are in different places. If your unit is in the front, the fuse you are looking for is the 10A fuse, third from the left.Screenshot_2021-08-03_085927.png
    If your camper unit is at the rear, the fuse you are looking for is the 10A fuse, second from the top.

The water pump should now work again.

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