Where can I find something in the vehicle? Beach Hostel Deluxe (T6.1 Califorinia Beach)

First aid kit and warning triangle
You will find both in the left rear of the trunk on the inside of the vehicle behind the trim or in the passenger door.

Vehicle documents and logbook
You will find the registration certificate and the green insurance card as well as help on all functions in the vehicle in the logbook in the glove compartment.


Chairs and table
The chairs are stowed in the tailgate. Open zippered pocket and small black lever. The table is located in the sliding side door and releases when pressed.


High visibility vests
4 high-visibility vests are stowed in glove box, rear seat pocket or drawer under seat.


In the camping area all windows can be darkened with blinds. The blackout for the front area can be found in the drawer under the rear seat. Hook them to the rear view mirror and the sun visors and attach them to the side windows with magnets.

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