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Folding the back seat - Beach Hostel (VW T6.1 California Beach)

To turn the back seat into a bed on the Beach Hostel, follow these steps:

Folding the rear seat bench

  1. Remove the headrests and stow them away.
  2. Open the middle flap of the three under the seat.
  3. Pull from the black loop and release the bench  (a click can be heard).
  4. Seat in the middle of the bank and with the help of your feet, move the bench forward while pulling from the strap.
  5. The bench has to be more or less in the middle of the van.
  6. To fold the backrest back, pull the lever below the seat cushion forward (not up!) and push the backrest.
  7. Make sure that the seat belt is not jammed between seat and back rest
  8. The seat will be slightly tilted now. To flatten the bed completely, pull the seat up while pushing the backrest towards the trunk.
  9. If you need to, use the loop mentioned in step 2 to push the back seat up to the support board of the mattress and close the gap that may have been created.
  10. Pull the mattress over the bed and you're done!

Straightening the bench

  1. Fold the mattress back
  2. Kneel on the seat, pull the the lever forward and pull up the back seat with the other hand
  3. Place the headrests back and push the bench back into the desired position.

You can see an explanatory video here:



If the back seat is not folding back to the seating position here is what to do:

  1. Sit on the center of the back seat
  2. Check that nothing is stuck impeding the back rest to come up (seat belt, equipment...)
  3. Make sure that the seat is correctly clicked on the rails
  4. Check that the strap to pull the seat is not jammed or twisted
  5. Pull with some force from the belt and move the seat back and forth with the legs until the seat comes back to upright position.

If the seat is still not moving, it might be that the straps got loose:

  1. Go to the trunk of the car
  2. Open the flaps behind the middle drawer from the back
  3. The straps should look like this:
  4. If one of them is loose, make sure the strap goes through the eyelet and it is still attached to the pin under the seat:


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