Folding the back seat - Beach Hostel (VW 6.1 California Beach)

To turn the back seat into a bed on the Beach Hostel, follow these steps:

  1. Fold up the middle flap under the bench seat and release the bench (with the black tab) from the anchorage (a short click can be heard).
  2. Then push the bench forward while sitting up to approx. 30cm to the cooling box.
  3. Remove the headrests and stow them away.
  4. To fold the backrest back, pull the plastic lever under the seat cushion forward (not up!) and then press with the body against the backrest (seat surface is lifted).
  5. Then push the back seat up to the support board of the mattress to close the gap that may have been created.
  6. Pull the mattress over the bed and you're done!

You can see an explanatory video here (minute 9:36)

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