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Cooking - Beach Hostel (VW T6.1 California Beach)

To be able to cook in the Beach Hostel, you have to open the gas cylinder and the gas safety lever. The gas bottle is located in a compartment behind the driver' seat.

To cook:

  1. To be able to use the burner, you first have to remove the black cover underneath the kitchen unit behind the driver‘s seat and turn the gas bottle (1.8kg) on the brass-colored control to +. 
  2. In addition, the second valve to the left of the gas bottle (in the storage compartment) must be set vertically positioned. 
  3. Pull the silver bar behind the driver' seat forwards and upwards to bring the kitchen unit into a horizontal position.
  4. Then push down the black knob on the stove top, turn to a high setting and press the ignition button. 

Caution: Make sure to close the gas bottle before driving!

See a brief video here:

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