Opening and closing the roof manually - Beach Hostel (VW T6.1 California Beach)

Opening the roof

  1. Release the safety hook
  2. Press the recess on the black part of the holder upwards
  3. Move the silver bar over the hook
  4. Press the roof firmly upwards on the black metal bar.


Closing the roof

  1. Fold down the roof bed. Make sure there is nothing inside!
  2. Pull it down centrally by the tab
  3. Fix it again with the metal hooks and tabs.



  • When retracting and extending the high roof, always open the window or door to equalise the pressure!
  • When retracting the roof, always check that nothing is lying on the mattress, the roof bed is down and zips on the skylights are closed and the fabric bellows are not caught in the tabs or sticking out of the side of the vehicle.

You can see the video here :

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