How does the pick up of my van work?

When you arrive at our site, simply ask a member of staff or go to reception. There, a member of staff will hand you the key, accompany you to your camper and explain all the important features and functions of your camper. Of course, there will be plenty of time for questions.

If you have never rented a camper before, a roadsurfer staff member will guide you through the entire vehicle and show you how the kitchen unit or kitchen utensils work and how to turn on and off the gas, which is located in the back of the camper. Under the rear seat there is a drawer with some useful utensils such as the rotary lever for the awning, the power cable, the drive-up wedges, a jerry can and filler for filling up with water and the blackout curtains for the front windows. We also show you where the power and water connections are, how to extend the awning, fold down the rear seat and raise the roof tent, switch on the auxiliary heating and much more.

Don't worry - you don't have to memorise it all - you'll also find a How To Guide and a vehicle manual in the glove compartment of your camper, in case you're not sure how something works. Using your camper and all its functions is very intuitive anyway. However, if you need help and are stuck, you will find a QR code on the glove box of your camper. You can find many helpful articles and videos via the code. 

If you have booked additional equipment such as a camping toilet or extra camping chairs etc., please check briefly before departure that everything is on board.

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