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How does the pick up of my van work?

When you arrive at our location, simply ask a member of staff or go to reception. Your pick-up will now begin:

Paperwork 📝

  • Your documents and those of the other drivers will be checked, so be sure to bring the originals with you
  • Photos of the main driver's documents will be taken
  • The deposit will be collected

Meet your travel companion 🚌

You've already done your Camper Tutorial? Great, you are well prepared! If you haven't done your Camper Tutorial yet, you can scan a QR code on our staff's tablet and go straight there. Go through it at your leisure on the camper.

Then the staff will ask you to scan another QR code - these are the final checks before departure. These serve to:

  • alert you to any risk of injury
  • You check the most important functions of your camper so that you are fully familiar with them.
  • You check and confirm that all the booked accessories are really in the camper.

If you still have questions after the camper tutorial and the final checks, please ask the staff. They will then go through the unclear functions with you again.

Please inform our station staff that you are ready for the damage check:

  • If you find any damage, please inform us. We will assess the damage and document it accordingly, if necessary.
  • If you are unsure, take a photo of the camper to record the condition of the camper when it is handed over to you.
  • We would like to point out that it is unfortunately no longer possible to report damage after the vehicle has been handed over.

Look at the QR code on the glove box: Here you will find help on the road.

Sign the rental contract 🖊️

  • Never drive off the lot without signing the rental agreement!
  • You will then receive an e-mail with your rental contract and the recorded damages.
  • At this moment, the breakdown assistance section will appear in your customer account. Make a note of the number of the mobility service provider if you are going to an area with poor internet coverage!
  • Don't forget that you can access your customer account while you are on the road. Here you can extend your rental, change the return date, check the status of your deposit, look up anything in the Camper Tutorial at any time, watch how-to videos and much more!
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