Is my campervan insured during the trip?

When you hire a roadsurfer, your vehicle is covered by a motor vehicle liability insurance policy that protects you from third-party claims. 
In addition, the rental price includes a comprehensive insurance with an excess of €1,500 per damage. For young drivers under the age of 23, the deductible in the event of a comprehensive claim is €2,500. The comprehensive insurance includes, among other things, theft protection, vandalism by third parties, fire, weather damage (e.g. hail), wildlife accidents and accidents of own fault. This means that all costs incurred in such an event are borne by you only up to the amount of your deductible.   
However, you can reduce your deductible by selecting the "Advanced" or "Complete" insurance package when booking. With these packages you also get a more extensive insurance coverage. You can find all information here.
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