What do I need to know about tolls in Scandinavia?

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Scandinavia offers not only unique landscapes and exciting cities, but also a varied toll system. For a better overview we have summarized the most important information and sorted it by country.

Please read this carefully before your Scandinavia trip with roadsurfer. Because:

You can prevent toll violations in advance yourself and save yourself the processing fee that we have to charge in case of a misdemeanor! 

What you need to know:

There are no tolls in Denmark. However, some bridges are subject to tolls. The fees can be paid directly on the spot and registration in advance is not necessary.

There is no freeway toll in Sweden.

However, in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Essingeleden there is a city toll, the fees depend on the time and date and the license plate number is recorded automatically.

The same happens at the Motala and Sundsvall bridges. The billing is done by EPASS24. The exception is the Oresund Bridge, here you can pay directly before crossing. Solution for the electronic fee is to create an Autopay account before your trip, here you will be debited automatically. Important: After the rental you have to sign out again!

Many sections on highways and country roads are subject to tolls. In addition, there is a city toll in many large cities. Payment is made electronically via Autopass (via on-board unit) or EPC. Please register here online before your trip with your credit card and remember to deregister after your trip! Alternatively, you can pay the toll at almost any gas station within 3 days.


There is no highway toll in Finland and it is free to use.

In short: In Denmark and Finland there is no classic toll and you don't have to take care of anything beforehand. In Sweden and Norway you have to register online at EPC and EPASS24 with your license plate and credit card shortly before entering the country. It is important that you actively deregister after leaving the country or shortly before returning your roadsurfer.
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